Friday Faves

1. I'm dying for these Chinese Laundry platforms. They will be mine, yes, they will be mine.
2. I know that it's officially Spring but I just can't seem to part ways with my dark lipsticks just yet. This one is beautiful!
3. My inner 90's child is swooning.
4. I love Deer Circus and these little photos from her home are so adorable.
5. This McQueen clutch. Need I say more?
6. All turquoise everything, all the time.
7. Love a good cat eye sunny, these are particularly sassy!
8. Kind of have the biggest crush on Buck. Now that his radio show is Monday through Friday instead of just Saturday, I'm loving life.
9. I know this album has been out for "like, forever" but I've been pretty melancholy lately so I've rediscovered it.
10. A single woman spent 14 years with a mannequin family. This is creepy but thought-provoking.
11. You know when a friend of a friend makes a music video and some friends are in it? No? Maybe the people I know are just more cool than you. This is really good and I've been really into Crystal Teeth's music lately.
12. This article about former relationships fading into stranger territory really got to me.

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  1. I love the National & their latest album is SO great!

  2. I can't wait to read about the lady with the mannequin family.