Friday Faves

1. This is the perfect plum lipstick! I know that winter is almost over and it's nearly time to break out the pastels but... that plum!

2. Wildfox is always on point, especially with this tunic. I'm crushed that it's sold out.

3. Ah,  Loubis. I love the Iriza in this print but if I'm going to make a splurge like that, it's going to have to be something neutral.

4. Ben Blood's work is what inspired me to get into wedding photography. I love his latest blog.

5. I went exploring with Ashley and Jake last weekend and they took some pictures of me. I was nervous, unprepared, and not dressed well for the occasion but I love how the photos came out. (Seriously, check out their work. They're brilliant.)

6. This cuff! I'd love to wear it with a classy black shift dress.

7. I've been really into statement necklaces lately. This one is spectacular and the rope motif is perfect for... dare I say it... summer.

8. Every girl needs a pair of heart-shaped-sunglasses. These are timeless.

9. I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole HARD earlier this week. Doesn't matter. This video was very interesting and informative. Who would have thought?

10. This iPhone case is spectacular.

11. I love this clutch. It would dress up a sundress so well!

12. Gold? Check. Turquoise? Check. This cuff has it all. 

13. Now that I'm starting to look for jobs in smaller news markets, (read: every corner of America other than the major city in which I grew up and all of its surrounding areas) lists about all of the cool things to do in America really get me. Maybe someday I'll do them all

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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