one year of lark & lace

Wow, this year has been nothing short of a whirlwind and a half! I can't believe that lark & lace has been around for a year now. (Well, a year tomorrow.) I'd be lying to you all if I said that putting these photographs together wasn't making me a little teary-eyed. I've been through a lot of changes and I'm seriously blessed to have had you all here alongside me for all of them. Without getting TOO sappy here, I'll just share a few of my favorite posts from my first year of lifestyle blogging.

Also, 1. My First Post, 2. My First Outfit, 3. Glitter!, 4. Easy Art, 5. A Day in Manhattan, 6. My Favorite Recipe (I still eat this all the time by the way!), 7. Allie's Spring Lookbook, 8. Smoothies (Remember when I was smoothie-crazed?), 9. Necklace Display DIY, 10. My Big Announcement, 11. This Fun Photoshoot, 12. My Friend's Dream Wedding, 13. Nicole's Fashion Shoot, 14. My First Wedding as a Big Girl Photographer, 15. Moving, 16. Fourth of July in my New Town, 17. Banana Whip, 18. Beach Fashion pt. 1, 19. How-to Fishtail Braids, 20. Rustic Chalkboard DIY, 21. Beach Style pt. 2, 22. This Family Shoot, 23. My Melancholy Day, 24. Just Running Some Errands, 25. Spontaneity, 26. Nicole's Fashion Shoot, pt. 2, 27. Guest Posting on You Are, 28. Cowboy Boots and Lace, 29. A Wedding by the Sea, 30. My Favorite Outfit of the Year, 31. Hanging Out with Some Flyers, 32. An Engagement Shoot, 33. Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me, 34. The First Outfit of Autumn, 35. My Love of Hiking, 36. A Romantic Wedding, pt. 1, 37. DIY Lace Mocs, 38. Fun Family Sesh, 39. Vineyard Wedding, 40. My Cozy Room, 41. A Romantic Wedding pt. 2, 42. Choosing Lenses, 43. An Engagement in Philly, 44. Wedding on an Autumn Night, 45. Mustard, Denim & Velvet, 46. Home-Brewed Kombucha, 47. Franny Style, 48. Decorative Bottles, 49. Winter Wears, 50. Christmas, 51. China Planning, 52. An Engagement Session in Princeton, 53. DIY Feather Garland, 54. DIY Fox Barrette, 55. Manhattan in December, 56. Windy & Rainy Wears, 60. Braving the Cold, 61. Settling in, 62. Coming Home, 63. Vegan Banana Pecan Pancakes, 64. The Wall, 65. My Trip to China, 66. Bits & Pieces, 67. HUGE Changes, 68. Classy Soiree, 69. My Beauty Routine, 70. Textures, 71. Connecticut Wedding, 72. A Blast from the Past, 73. Spring

It's been an adventure thus far, I can't wait to see what the next year holds. As for you guys, my beloved readers, what would you like to see more of? I wanna hear what you have in mind since you'll all been nothing but joyful for me! 

much, much love,
erika marie.


  1. Looks like an amazing first year! I will have to make my way through all your older posts.


  2. You seriously have THE MOST dreamy style - both in clothing, and in photography. I'm finding my niche as a photographer and I am inspired so much by you. Also, may I haz ur closet? xo

  3. I love, love, LOVE this post and all of the beautiful photographs. I really am so excited I found your blog and find it a pleasure to read. :) I look forward to the next year!

  4. you are FAR too talented and beautiful for your own good.

  5. You are so gorgeous! Time flies, doesn't it? Can't wait to see more come out of this amazing blog!
    xo Heather

  6. Congratulations. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I can't wait to see what you get up to for the next 365 days.

  7. Happy Blog Birthday!! So much beautiful photography :) can't wait to see more

  8. You are so so stunning! Congratulations, and i wish you all the luck in the future


  9. I randomly found this blog today and I am loving your beautiful photos. Congratulations and I will be following you on bloglovin.

    :) Liz @