apples, pb, & honey

This is my new favorite breakfast of all time. Everybody knows that apples and peanut butter is a classic combination. BUT, has anybody ever thought of adding a little bit of honey into the mix? Adds a whole new element, plus if you use raw local honey, it'll help you out with your seasonal allergies. In fact, honey is the ONLY thing that helps me with my allergies in the spring. Put simply, taking local honey will get your body used to the local allergens. I'm always looking for new ways to add honey to my diet for this very reason so I'll definitely be sharing more. 


p.s. YES, I know that honey isn't "vegan" to most people who identify as vegans. No need to remind me, I already know.


  1. This looks quite delicious!

    I really need to try the local honey. I only suffer about a week out of the year with spring allergies, so I'm sure using local honey year round would nip those allergies in the bud easily.

  2. Sounds good. I add honey everywhere
    :) Liz @

  3. I wish i liked peanut butter, because this look so gooood!


  4. I never heard of honey helping allergies :o

  5. I didn't know honey helped with allergies.. I will have to let the boy know. He's always so stuffed in the spring. Plus honey with anything is amazing.

  6. Your pictures are seriously beautiful. Also, your blog is perfect. I'm in love.


  7. Honey is the best!! I've heard of vegans who still eat honey being called "beegans" Cracks me up!

  8. Raw honey is the only way to go. LOVE. It helps my allergies too!

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