let's be honest

Whew. The transition from winter to spring is never as "smooth" as I expect it to be. The cold tends to wear out its welcome (and this is coming from a total and complete snow bunny), allergies kick my butt, and my spring clothes don't look the way they're supposed to. The last part is definitely the worst of them all! I think it's all a part of the curse of being a woman. I probably spend more time worrying about what I look like than anyone else I know. If you've been around here for a while, you know this. It used to cripple me until I learned to be comfortable in my own skin, and whatever they may try to tell you, this is NOT just a "one time" occurrence! I have a love/hate relationship with my body and I've learned that this is okay. I think (think!) that never being completely content is healthy. It keeps us growing and always trying to be better than previous versions of ourselves. I want to hear what you all think when it comes to personal image because I know that this subject can be quite a doozy. Just something to think about! Have a great rest of the weekend ladies.


...and for those who will ask:
jeans/ Jessica Simpson, boots, tee & bracelets/ U.O., sweater/ forever 21


  1. I am way too concerned with the way I look! One minute I think I look sort of cute and the next I feel like I'm hideous (my poor boyfriend has to listen to me whine usually) I think its normal, though. I've yet to meet a girl that is 100% comfortable with herself, and the few that I've met that pretend they are comfortable, usually are the ones who have the most body image issues!
    xo Heather

  2. oh, gosh, i completely relate. i'm constantly nitpicking my body, then loving and appreciating it for a few days, then going back to being all, "why are my legs so weirdly proportioned? why won't my hips just look OK in pants?" and it's just a cycle. at the end of the day, i really do love this vessel i get to live my life in. but i don't think that love comes without the whole process -- it's only natural. and i really do appreciate your honesty in posting about this -- i think it really helps to know when someone else deals with the little things in life you deal with too. and, for the record, you are BEAUTIFUL.

  3. First of all, you are gorgeous! I think we all have little moments of feeling better or worse about ourselves. I'm pretty solid with my body image these days, but I STILL surprise myself sometimes by picking the weirdest things to obsess over. It definitely gets better though...we all have good and bad days, but as we grow I think we also learn to be more steady in our acceptance of ourselves.

  4. Such beautiful pictures. You look lovely as always

  5. I feel you x10. I think America is lopsided. One half is obsessed with the skinny celebrities and the other half is trying to force all girls to be totally ok with everything that's wrong and not wrong with their bodies. I don't think I've seen a happy medium ever. I think more than what our country obsesses over (image), we should be more attentive to health. Instead of trying to force every girl to embrace their image, maybe we should embrace our health. I am not a large person. I do not think I am skinny, but I am not huge. My problem is that I am out of shape to the max and that's what should most concern me about myself. I HATE a lot of things about my body, but I try to keep in mind that health is far more important. I feel that everyone is obsessed with each other's looks instead of each other's healthiness. Is that celeb that weighs 90 lbs at 5'6" healthy? Probably not. Is that girl that weighs 250 lbs at 5'3" healthy? Probably not. Health is the only issue and image is what we obsess over. It makes me so sad and it also makes me sad that I allow the world to influence me in that vain way. I care more about my image than my health most of the time. :(

  6. Great post. Just remember if your ever feeling down there is a pink haired nerd halfway across the world that wishes she was as pretty and talented as you. Please don't ever feel bad about yourself. You are amazing.

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