best friend

As I was packing for China, my eye caught a glimpse of my best friend Allie's lovely pile of Christmas gifts to me. (Pictured above.) I began thinking of what a heartfelt person she is and decided that I couldn't NOT dedicate a blog post to her. She is, after all, the person who got me into this whole lifestyle blogging thing to begin with. Her impeccable sense of style has without a doubt influenced mine. I never really had a best gal pal because I always got along with guys MUCH better so Allie is a godsend. Allie, since I probably won't be seeing you before I leave for China and you go back to the 'burg, this is my huge hug to you! Love ya lots. And all of you lovely l&l readers, check out Allie's blog, Alley Cats and Rough Drafts. If you like me, you'll LOVE her.