diy fabric wreath (guest post!)

So I stumbled across the perfect craft last week, it used things I already had and the outcome was some beautiful gifts. I have been looking for some gifts that I could make a few friends for Christmas, I needed something relatively inexpensive and I wanted something my friends would really appreciate.

Earlier this fall I made a coffee filter wreath and it turned out amazing. I had grand plans of mass producing and selling them but it took so much time to produce that I never made another. I did, however, grab 5 small styrofoam wreaths from Target for $1. I also love sewing so I have a bunch of fabric in my back room. The other night I came up with these little beauties out of the two.

First you need to cut your fabric for the wreath.  My wreath is probably about a foot in diameter and I used maybe a half a yard all together for the five I made.  Lengthwise I added about two inches to what I thought I needed by wrapping the fabric around the wreath. Width wise I tried to keep it close to what I needed. You want to have enough to fold over but not too much extra on width. I attached in two inch increments by glueing it down shifting the fabric and glueing the next portion. You want to be cautious here to have your glue remain in the same general area mine was in the middle of the wreath. I then pulled the excess through the hoop and folded it and started glueing it down.
To make the flowers take your fabric and use a cd as a template and cut a circle out. Each cd size circle will make one flower. You are going to spiral cut your circle of fabric. now pick up the very center of the spiral and dot some glue and fold it over.  Do that one more time. Now you can start rolling your flower. I put about a 2 inch line of glue along the bottom edge of my flower and roll it all up. You'll want the bottom to remain flat so that the top varies with the different spiral sizes. If you just keep rolling and glueing you will have a rose in no time.

After you've finished making roses you'll want to attach them to your wreath. I like to start with the overlapping fabric to distract your eye from it. Add in enough roses to fit your aesthetic and voila; beautiful gift.

I also threw some buttons on a few of mine for a little more pizazz.

- Kristi

Kristi has been a long-time friend and a huge inspiration in my life. I think I've known her since I was about 10 years old, maybe a little younger? She doesn't have a non-creative bone in her body and I hope to have more crafts from her here in the future. Pop on over to her blog, you'll love her! 


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