diy flower crown

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I love huge hairpieces. I have big hair and I just love to make it look even bigger. (Hey, I'm from Jersey, remember?) I don't think that flower crowns should just be for the Spring and Summer. I'm also not saying that you should wear glittery plastic poinsettias on your head for the Christmas season but I am saying that if a girl wants to wear flowers in her hair, who cares about the weather? For my flower crown, I used fake red roses. Classy for any time of the year!

To make this, you'll need six faux roses, a plain headband and a hot glue gun. Start out by cutting the bulbs off of the stems and arranging the flowers on the headband to see which arrangement you like the best. I used a little piece of chalk to mark where I would like my flowers to start/stop. Then, simply hot glue the flowers in place. I glued some of the leaves from the flowers on to the back to cover up the bottoms of the bulbs where I cut them off of the stems and to fill it in a little more. 

red, rose, flower, crown, diyLovely, right? I can't wait to wear mine to a Christmas party. Also, don't mind the HUMONGOUS dark circles under my eyes. Finishing up business for the year, planning a trip to China, planning what I'll be doing with my blog and business while in China and the general craziness of the Christmas season are starting to get to me a bit!



  1. So pretty! I agree with you! It's never the wrong time for a girl to wear her floral crown. Also, good luck on all of your planning! You must be so excited!

  2. so pretty! I will have to make this someday!

  3. Very lovely! I love your photos :)


  4. Super super cute!! Im a big haired gal aswell. Bigger is better.


  5. so pretty. i love floral crowns and have made a few myself. haven't ever actually worn them out, though!

  6. I made a similar one too! Except my roses are a bit more burgundy:

    Going to wear them at my Christmas Parties also hahaha

    It looks lovely on you :)