november round-up

I feel like my DIYs this month have slowly been turning into Christmas crafts! These decorative bottles and this doily tote are two of my favorites. I also love this tutorial for creating glitter text with Photoshop!

I loved sharing this simple little way to add a haze to your photographs using lace! Another one of my favorite tricks that I shared last month is backlit photographs. I was happy to share my Thanksgiving morning and my best friend date with you all!
 I had a lot of fun dressing in lots and lots of layers this month! Some outfits can be found here and here. (I also had a lot of fun dressing up with my best friend!)

I'd have to say that my absolute favorite posts from this month were some photographs that I shared from China, my Christmas playlist and my guest post on Bee's blog. What were yours?

xo, e.m.

p.s. Since I'll be away in China for the entire month of January, although I'll be posting, this blog will not be my biggest priority since I'll be there to hang out with the kids, help out the staff and use photography and design to help the orphanage in any way possible. Needless to say, I'll need a few of you to guest post for me! If you're interested in submitting a guest post, send an email to erika[at]larkandlace[dot]com for more information. Thank you thank you thank you!