rainy day style

I don't care what anybody says, I LOVE a good pair of yellow rain boots. They have saved my feet from nasty, dirty New Jersey puddles on MULTIPLE occasions, and I personally think that they can be very cute! This is one of the looks that Allie and I put together for her lookbook, and given the dreary overcast weather here today, I couldn't help but share it!

I had so much fun pairing these bright yellow boots with equally bright accessories. Sometimes, you just gotta go all out!

yellow rain boots & coat / Old Navy, top / thrifted, jeans / Levi's, bag / Marc Fisher, belt / Forever 21, earrings / Target, hair piece / Charlavail

Tomorrow I'm getting my wisdom teeth out (ouch!) so I might be M.I.A. a little this week, depending on how I'm feeling. My wonderful boyfriend CJ will be by my side though, and he'll help out if need be! If you can find the time, say a little prayer, please! I know it's probably no big deal but I've never had surgery before and I've heard multiple horror stories so I'm definitely a little nervous! 

Love you guys!
xo, e.m. 


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