style a side fishtail braid

Everybody is going crazy for this look right now, and I can only imagine how much more prevalent it will be come summertime. It looks super intricate and scary but it's really not. Today, my sister Jenna showed me how to make a fishtail braid. If you can make a basic French Braid, you won't have too much difficulty with this stylish 'do! All that you need is a brush, some bobby pins, and a hair tie. (Also, a bow or a ribbon. Completely optional!)

1. Brush all of your hair to one side. Smooth out any bumps the best that you can. (TIP: This works best on hair that doesn't have a lot of layers or has very long layers!)

2. Separate the hair into about 1" sections. Take 2 pieces of hair, grab one small section from one side, bring it to the other, then join them together. (That is how you create a basic fishtail braid.)

3. After you've done that 2 or three times, begin to join in the rest of your hair with the already-made braids, just like a traditional French Braid.

4. Continue to braid in the same way all the way down.

5. When you've almost ran out of hair to braid, braid the remaining small section in a regular braid.

Ta-da! Looks great and it's a stylish alternative to throwing your hair in a messy bun or ponytail on those super hot summer days!

xo, e.m.


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