iphone photography love

Having an iPhone has TRULY changed the way that I view the art of photo-taking. My camera is HUGE, so I can't carry it around everywhere, plus it'd be weird to see some random girl taking a picture of her sushi with a gigantic Nikon whereas a girl taking pictures of her sushi with an iPhone is considered completely normal. (Well, to some people.) I phase in and out of favorites. For a while, the Sierra filter on Instagram was a favorite. (If you follow my "Week in Instagrams" posts and are familiar with the app, you already know this.) If you're like me and don't wanna fall into a rhythm, you can always try a new app! But the thing is, which one? No fear. I'll periodically be sharing my favorite apps and my favorite filters. For today, my sweet spot is the "1974" filter from the "CameraBag" app. It gives the photo cool tones, a vintage'y aged look, and adds rounded corners. It's classy. I like it.

If you enjoy playing around with new camera apps, definitely try this one out. It's so simple, and it's fun to use with other camera apps like Hipstagram and Instamatic. Do you have a favorite camera app? Leave it in the comment box below, I wanna try some more out!

Hope you're all having a lovely day, the weather here is UNBELIEVABLE!
xo, e.m.


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