Pont Saint-Louis

I learned that all it takes to fit in with the Europeans is to wear a lot of black and to stare off into the distance a lot. For the best effect, do so on a bridge, as I am doing here. 

I wore this hat pretty much every day. It disguised my constant "honeymoon hair." If you can't figure out that euphemism, allow Andy Dwyer and Mouse Rat to explain it for you. (Mom, if you're reading this, I'm sorry.) Aside from that function, I just like it. Though I feel like I must apologize to all of the beautiful people who were hit in the face with it on the train/metro/tram.

See? You can't tell if I'm just admiring the view or making snarky comments about you in my head. As an American traveling abroad, this is the general vibe I get from people in other countries. Are they making fun of me? Can they tell how American I am? I'm practicing for when summer comes again and Philly is full of tourists. Is she one of us? 

Fun fact, these Docs have been to 6 countries in their lifespan. I kind of love them and I've broken them in to the point of absolute comfort. You know, when they've practically molded to your feet but you can tell you're going to have to retire them soon? I guess that's a good excuse as ever to do some traveling. You know, "my oxfords need to see the world!" 


COAT/ Asos (sold out in black but it's so cute in blue... and on sale!), JEANS/ Urban Outfitters, SHOES/ Doc Martens, HAT/ NastyGal, BAG/ Prada


  1. You look stunning and radiant and so european <3 I love that hat to death... perfection as usual.