Get Your T-Day Booze On

It's Thanksgiving in a few days and if you're anything like me or any of the people I've come to know in my short time on this earth... you may need a little liquid help to quell some familial rage.
apple, cocktail, cream, soda, Bulleit, bourbonApples & Bourbon - This is a safe bet for everybody who's coming to dinner. It's like apple pie. Without the crust. Plus alcohol. Since it's only got a few ingredients, this recipe would be great to set out in a punch bowl for your guests to serve themselves.

art in the age, rhubarb, hot, toddy, cranberry, ginger, tea, cocktailGinger and Rhubarb Toddy - This one is a little more involved but it'd make a great after-dinner drink. At first I was opposed to warm alcoholic beverages but this one changed my mind. If you like strong drinks, this one's for you!
apple, pe, float, cocktail, ice, cream, ole, smoky, moonshine, spiced, whiskey
Boozy Apple Pie Float - A childhood favorite, all grown up. Whiskey... moonshine... and ice cream. For the kiddos, add sparking apple cider instead of the alcohol and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

art in the age, cocktail, sage, cranberry, lemonade,
Sage and Cranberry Fizz - All of the drinks on this list are pretty good but I'd have to say this one is my favorite. First of all, look how pretty it is! Second of all, the flavors are nice and light, exactly what you need before/after/during a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.

art in the age, snap, chinotto, cocktail, orange, gingersnap, drink
Gingersnap Cocktail - This drink tastes just like liquified gingersnap cookies. Chinotto has a bittersweet flavor, which pairs well with the sweet Gingersnap liqueur. Simple but delicious!

candy, cane, cocktail, chocolate, mint, coconut milk,
Candy Cane Cocktail - If you want something minty and sweet and can't wait until Christmas, this drink is perfect for Thanksgiving dessert.

Hope you enjoy your holiday! Remember to drink responsibly.