Yerba Mate Latte

I don't get to South Philly a lot but when I do, it almost always includes a trip to Grindcore House for a gluten free bagel and a Yerba Mate Latte. It's this great little vegan coffee shop on a quiet corner. If you're local, you should definitely check it out.

I didn't realize until I was writing this blog post but I kinda went for all-boyfriend-everything with this outfit. I think it's safe to say boyfriend-cut items of clothing are my go-to when I want to be comfy. (PERFECT for a little café trip.) Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jacket, a thrifted sweater, and even menswear-inspired shoes and a scarf.

My challenge lately has been finding that delicate balance between chic and casual. I haven't perfected it yet but I've found that pairing neutrals with simple (but structured) black accessories helps a lot. I guess that would be my resolution for the upcoming year: be "effortlessly cool."

Hope you all had a great weekend!


SWEATER/ thrifted, JEANS/ American Eagle, SHOES/ ASOS (similar) , JACKET/ H&M (similar), BAG/ Prada

*photos by Danielle Conyers.


  1. ah looks lovely, beautiful photos too!

  2. Haven't been to Grindcore yet, but you've convinced me to try it out soon!

    1. Yes! We still have to hang out so let's go together!!