Summer Dreaming...

Summer weather came to Philly a a bit early early, which I'm actually pretty ambivalent about. I love being serenaded to the sound of the ice cream truck and children playing outside but I'm not a fan of the heat. I've got a few small trips coming up and I realized that my summer wardrobe is sort of lacking. I don't even think I own bikini bottoms. I'm a mess. 

I've been sick for the past week which means I've been doing lots and lots of online shopping. (Some real, some window shopping.) Here are some of my favorites!

Bralette   /   Trousers   /   Clutch   /   Sunglasses   /   Bikini   /   Shoes   /   Overalls   /   Shirt   /   iPhone Case   /   Bracelet   /   Beach Bag

Still deciding what would be worth splurging on and what I should gracefully decline. (Those Tibis are playing with my heart!) What do you guys think?



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    1. Right?? I got made fun of for wearing some like this last summer but I don't care. I'll do it again.

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    1. Right?? I don't even care if wearing it for a day would give me weird tan lines, I want it on my body ASAP!