Weekend Wears

I finally (temporarily) have my weekends back which means family time and day trips. Jenna, Brenden and I spent our Saturday gallivanting around Bucks County. We're an interesting bunch to be around because our conversations have no logical flow whatsoever and we've been known to erupt into roaring laughter with no warning. It's great for us but probably a little terrifying for those privy to it.

Sonic Youth, knitted, beanie, sisters, style, fashion,Patagonia, parka, outfit, floral, wool, Jenna is a thousand times cooler than I was at her age. Beautiful, talented, and very hilarious. Also, she has great taste in clothing but I'd like to think that I'm at least somewhat responsible for that. (Wink!) 

Real talk for a second though, does anybody else feel "uninspired" as far as styling goes? I love winter but I'm ready to wear a dress without freezing my legs off. I'm ready to shed the layers and soak up some spring sunshine. 



  1. All I've been is uninspired. So done. Just done.

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  4. If you ever decide you dont want your patagonia parka....ILL BUY IT! love love love! Great blog!


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