Denim Squared

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Nobody can seem to figure out if denim-on-denim is a faux pas or the greatest thing since sliced bread. I kinda like it and have been wearing it lately. I feel like I'm wrapped from head to toe in the fabric that made America great. (How's that for some overdone patriotism?)

I mean, for real though: what would Spring be without a denim jacket of some sort?


jacket/ GAP, jeans/ Levi, top/ Brandy Melville, shoes/ Urban Outfitters (old, similar), necklace/ ASOS (This one would add some color and be really cute too!)

**photos by Brenden. (My fiancé!) Go follow him on Instagram


  1. I think the key is just having them a different shade of blue. I think it's more on the sliced bread end of the spectrum. Throw on a chambray shirt under that coat and you got yourself a Canadian Tuxedo!

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  3. Great outfit! I love the denim with the striped top. Your hair is looking great too. :)