City in White

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I love the way a fresh layer of snow envelops everything in the city. The way it falls causes even the most unsightly streets appear peaceful and, dare I say, quite beautiful. An eerily resplendent silence replaces the normal sounds-- it's as if everything pauses for a moment and every crunchy step can be heard for miles. Snow days like this come along but once a year.
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It was the most perfect snow day, full of lattes, wedding plans, and even a little snowboarding in Fairmount Park. While the freezing rain and the bone-chilling wind may be a nuisance, days like today are what claim my heart forever for winter. 


coat/ Olive & Oak (similar), sweater/ Free People (similar), top/ c/o Joules, hat/ Free People, boots/ H&M, bag/ Zara (similar)

**photos by Danielle Conyers. Check her out on Instagram, she's kinda wonderful. 


  1. Stunning, I love the hat giving a fresh winter look

  2. Stunning, I love the hat giving a fresh winter look

  3. Very pretty!! I'm in love with the colours.



    1. Thank you! I love these warm tones as well. That building usually looks SUPER ugly but the snow bring out beauty in everything!


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