makeup how-to!

You asked for it and you got it! Here's my INCREDIBLY simple eye makeup tutorial. Well, hidden amidst all of my rambling there is a makeup tutorial somewhere. Remember, practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to liquid eyeliner!

And here's that Castile soap that I was talking about! I bought a smaller bottle at Target for $9.99 (in the "naturals" section with the makeup usually!) and then I saw this huge bottle at Whole Foods for the same price. It's a bit expensive but it's TOTALLY worth it. I use it on my face and also on my hair and body in the shower. It's an incredibly versatile staple of hygiene products in my home. Just make sure that you keep your eyes CLOSED, because it will hurt. A lot. Also, you only need the tiniest bit! This one here has tea tree oil in it, which has a lot of health benefits (and helps get rid of dandruff!) If you don't like the scent, they have a plain, a peppermint, and a lavender also. Try it out, I can guarantee you that you'll love it!

xo, e.m.


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