things I like

1. I've been in a long lasting love affair with stripes for quite some time now, but for whatever reason, I'm especially sweet on them this season. I'm also loving a grey, coral, and mustard combination. Definitely going to try those colors together soon. 

2. I love Young Ju's prints! I want these two on my walls at home.

3. New and vintage Cuckoo Clocks have truly won my heart! These two are from this German website. They're pricy but they would make such a great statement piece in an otherwise uninteresting room. And the little singing birds that pop out are TOO cute.

4. These two dresses have also won my heart. They're in two of my favorite colors to wear, and they just look so light and breezy and perfect for the upcoming hot, hot months of summer. Like 'em? You can snatch them up from Anthropologie

5. I am absolutely in love with the folk-art-inspired bedroom. Something that you'll learn about me is that I am a sucker for folk art. I also love white walls with unexpected pops of color. Basically, this room is perfect in my eyes. 

6. This Sweet and Spicy Tomato Jam from More Fun With an Apron looks SO delicious! As she describes it, it's a "fancy ketchup." Sounds pretty good, can't wait to try it. 

7. These cityscapes from Rüdiger Nehmzow are absolutely stunning. They make me want to hop in a helicopter and explore some of the large and amazing cities near me from the air.

8. If you're a designer, you should check out Ten Dollar Fonts. I love this website, the fonts on there are so unique! This particular one caught my eye. In CJ's words, it's an "Old New York City Diner." Kinda a bit art deco, maybe?

9. This photograph. Enough said. 

Have a great weekend you guys!
xo, e.m.


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