put a bird on it!

It's no secret to the world that I love birds. I'm actually a dork about it, I know all of the species and the calls, and one might have witnessed me on a bird watch once or twice. Needless to say, their songs in the Spring brighten my day! Now that Spring is upon us, why not add a little cheer to your already pretty and spring'y flower arrangements? This DIY is SO unbelievably easy. It will take you about 5 minutes, and after it's completed, you'll be putting birds on everything.

You can use whatever kind of vase you'd want, the one that I used is from a thrift store and it was about $3! The flowers and the birds you can find at any craft store. Depending on the fanciness of the flowers and the size of the birds, they range in price!

1. arrange your silk (or real, if you have a particularly green'ish green thumb.) flowers in a way that you'll enjoy looking at. 2. clip the birds to the branches. choose the more sturdy ones, or else the weight of the birds will weigh down the branches.

I learned that if you have pets, they WILL try to eat the birds, so be sure to keep them away from your animals!

xo, e.m.


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