a couple things

Here's a list of some pretty wonderful things that I'm diggin' right now. I'm finding that this week, I'm in a particularly colorful mood. Must be the wonderful weather?

1. map letters from U.O. 2. this Ben Blood portrait session (he's the guy who inspired me to give wedding photography a shot!) 3. some looks for Spring. I'm really enjoying sheers, florals, and scalloped'ness. I also really want to try layering a bralette under a sheer top. As always, pinks and mustards will dominate my wardrobe this season. 4. Riceboy Sleeps by Jonsi and Alex is what I've been listening to. It's very low-key and makes beautiful background music while working or driving. 5. I'm heavily swooning over this Matthew Kavan Brooks for Society6 print. 6. more scalloping and pink, of course! This duvet from U.O. is simple yet bold. It reminds me of feather almost, or a fish! 7. I'm definitely going to be needing some vintage flocked deer very, very soon. This one is absolutely precious, it's from the U.S.S.R. in the 1970's. 8. I've always loved Mexican folk art, and I'm growing to be obsessed with papel picado, the art of paper-cutting. The shapes are so beautiful and elaborate, and the colors so bright, I definitely want a banner to hang in my workspace.

xo, e.m.


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