glitter? don't mind if I do!

Creative slumps. They happen to the best of us. Photographers are CERTAINLY no exception! I noticed myself getting in a bit of a rut and decided that I had to have some fun with my photos. I went to the craft store in search of props but something else caught my eye: glitter! Here's a few tips on how to spice up your photos with glitter.

Something that we had a lot of fun with was putting some glitter in our hands and then blowing it towards the camera. This was the least messy out of the glitter methods that we tried!

Another method that we tried was that we poured a large amount of glitter into our hands and then tossed it up and let it fall. This resulted in glitter EVERYWHERE, but produced beautiful images. It almost looks like rain! For both of the methods above, make sure that your camera is set on a fast shutter speed, and continuous burst mode if possible. This will make sure that you get as many shots as possible, so that you can go through them all and pick which ones you like the most!

If you love glitter but prefer it as a statement rather than a focal point, try this: press some glitter onto your newly-glossed lips. You'll be surprised at how well it sticks! (Actually, a little too well.)

Happy shooting!
xo, e.m.

p.s. a big thank-you to Kayla, my model! she's probably still washing glitter out of her hair...


  1. GORGEOUS! I love her blowing the glitter at the camera :)

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