Florals, again.

Thanks Tobi for sponsoring this post!

There's nothing I love quite as much as a great sundress on a hot Philly day. We've had a whole slew of 'em and while I'm not so much a fan of the heat, I'll take any excuse to gallivant in a beautiful, breezy dress. This one from Tobi is definitely a new favorite. 

I'm loving the little bit of Angelina Leg this dress gives me. Okay, so maybe I don't have Ms. Jolie's legs and maybe the time to say "Angelina Leg" has come and gone but still. Can I just have this moment? 

I'm really loving all of the summer dresses Tobi has to offer, especially the wrap dresses and the whole black and blue look.


dress/ c/o Tobi, bra/ Agent Provocateur, shoes/ F21, sunglasses/ Ray-Ban, necklace/ vintage, bracelet/ c/o Victoria Emerson, bag/ Chloé 

***Photos by Danielle Conyers.


  1. Once again your style is amazing! Can't wait to find that perfect summer dress for 2016!

    Keyonna | http://stellarinclifestyle.blogspot.com

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