Black & White

Today I'm teaming up with Tobi to show off this cute little romper. When they said that they wanted to showcase some rompers, I felt myself recoil a bit because, well, rompers and I don't always get along. I'm not the biggest fan of my legs and to be perfectly honest, my torso is a bit too long for them so I get... "crotch problems." (You know how it is.) But, since this is the summer of "WHATEVER!," I decided to give them a chance. So I don't look like a supermodel. Whatever. It's cute and breezy and everything I could possibly want in this Philadelphia heat.

To go along with this minimal/boho vibe I've been sporting lately, I paired the romper with some simple, black accessories. My big ole beloved felt hat, my favorite lace-up booties, and some chokers. (All about layering those bad boys.) 

I had so much fun picking out clothes on Tobi's site. I especially LOVE their lingerie and long skirts! (I blame my inner homeschooler for the latter.) Remember, all new customers get 50% off of their first order so get shoppin'!

Thanks Tobi for sponsoring this post.


***Photos by Danielle Conyers.


  1. You're giving me a major moment with this outfit. Love it all <3

    Keyonna |

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