When you get your flower fix on, it's only natural to wear a floral dress, no? In my defense though, I didn't go to the Farmers' Market with the intention of buying flowers. Just wanted to walk around in this beautiful, breezy dress (from Fason de Viv) and grab an almond cappuccino from Bodhi. Morning well spent.

My favorite part about springtime in Philly is all of the lively farmers' markets that line streets in almost every neighborhood. Headhouse is a favorite of mine because Society Hill is already one of my favorite neighborhoods to walk around in so of course a market would make it that much more enjoyable. I stumbled upon these lovely flowers (hoary stock, one of the best scents I ever did smell) and grabbed a bouquet to take home. (And subsequently a few selfies as well.)

Something about carrying fresh blooms around in a tote bag makes me feel like Belle in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast. (Or Stockholm Syndrome: The Musical, as it's known around these parts.) There's something very provincial about it, in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of living in a huge northeastern city. I know it's a sort of "blogger rite of passage" but it goes deeper than that. Alright, maybe it's good for little else than a cute photo-op but I can still appreciate the aesthetic.

I love everything about this dress, especially how it lays on the body. The skirt is very free-spirited while the top has a little more structure. It's the best of both worlds. I played up on both of those worlds by wearing it with a denim jacket, structured hat, bandana, and my favorite little lace up booties. I think I got the "cool country girl goes to the big city to buy some flowers" vibes I was going for. But why would a country girl go to the city for flowers, you may ask? I know. It doesn't make sense. Just let it happen.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go twirl around in this skirt while smelling smelling some flowers. #BlogLife.


Thanks Fason de Viv for sponsoring this post! 

***Photos by Danielle Conyers.


  1. God girl I frigging love your style. Your mood. Your absolutely perfect attitude about everything. get it.

    The Adored Life

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