A Simple Grey Dress

When I first put this dress on, I looked at myself in the mirror and audibly uttered to myself "aw, hell no." Not that I hate the dress: it's gorgeous. It was just in that moment, I was forced to come to terms with each and every lump, crevasse, or otherwise protuberance on my body. A few minutes and a coping mechanism or two later, I took a deep breath and instead of hating what I saw, listed what I liked. With each and every one, the undesirable parts began to fade. Body-positivity isn't just something you come to terms with just once. It's a constant battle-- a lifestyle. (Fitting, since this is another post for which I teamed up with Fason de Viv.)

It sounds simple but occupying your mind with positive thoughts really does shrink down the negative ones. It's something I'm working through with my therapist-- not just once or twice but trying to change the way my mind processes pretty much everything. It's challenged me to take a look back and really focus on my surroundings and emotions before acting impulsively, thinking irrationally, or anything in between. It's not easy but very much worth it. 

I hope you all had a great weekend. Make sure you check back because I'll be finishing up my FDV posts this week, which is sad because I had such a great time shooting these looks! 


Thanks Fason de Viv for sponsoring this post! 

***Photos by Danielle Conyers.


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