Sometimes I don't mind being swayed and whipped by the wind. We only get a handful of extremely windy days here in Philly so I cherish them for their sparsity. I don't mind bad hair days every so often either. The two sort of go hand-in-hand, and much like the adversity I'm facing recently, they serve a purpose: to make sure we're truly grateful for the good ones.

I feel like there's nothing that particularly sets this outfit apart from the myriad of other sartorial displays meandering around the streets of Philadelphia at any given moment. I liked it so I put it on.  Sometimes it's just that. I forget that when I get too stuck inside the blogger echo chamber. A familiar dress, a comfortable pair of boots. A simple cape for warmth, a bandana because it's become my signature. No makeup, because I am striving to feel comfortable in my skin and this is the best way to do so.

These gloomy days are a pretty decent reflection of my soul lately. Been a bit melancholy but for once, the glass is not half-empty. I wouldn't say it's half-full quite yet but I'm getting there. Life is kind of terrifying right now but I know sunny days are ahead.



**Photos by Danielle Conyers. Why aren't you following her on Instagram yet?


  1. No Make-up?! Damn, girl. I can't be bothered most days but I'm pretty sure I can't pull it off like you!
    I love rainy, mood days. We get a rainstorm for about half a day a year so it's always a treat when it happens. Not sure if you've heard about the wild fire here but seriously, the province is going to burn down if we don't get that rain day soon!

    1. That's horrible! I've been keeping up with it a bit and praying for your safety!

  2. Love this outfit so much! The dress is gorgeous. Also your hair is so pretty.

  3. I love this. Such simplicity, but such beauty. It's gloomy but soulful. (Though I really wouldn't mind some sun right now, wtf Philly?!)
    Also, thank you for going without makeup. I don't wear makeup ever, unless I'm "going out", which happens once every... few months. But it's so rare to see women going sans-makeup and I really do appreciate it. We're all beautiful; let's embrace that. Your face says so much more in these photos than I think I've seen in a while ;)

    1. Thank you so much! It's truly a compliment that I take to heart. Wearing makeup is fun but I'm learning to love my face without it.

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