Stay Inside (Playlist)

It's not that I don't enjoy winter, I'd just rather admire the snow and the grey skies from indoors. Under layers upon layers of blankets. With some sort of piping hot beverage. Luckily, I work from home now, which means I can do just that. It also means that my playlist-making skills have been on point. Okay, maybe not but I still made one for you guys.

I don't intentionally listen to a certain type of music in the winter-- it just kinda happens. I think it's because I'm always slightly sad in this weather so I listen to melancholy music that's got a touch of angst. Nothing wrong with that, right? Some seem to think that listening to sorrowful songs can perpetuate unhappiness but I find solace in despondent melodies. Knowing you're not the only sadsack on the planet is oddly comforting.

For Spotify users, here's a direct link to listen in the app or subscribe. If you just want to stream it, you can do that below: 

What are you listening to this winter? I love new music to give me suggestions! (They don't have to be vaguely sad songs.)



  1. California winters are certainly milder than the East-Coast polar vortexes, but no matter what form winter takes - it never fails to imbue the world with its own brand of melancholy. Majid Jordan is a great winter listen. Soothing, sad, and groovy. And, of course, The Shins album "Oh, Inverted World" is a great throwback and the whole thing really sets a nice tone for a winter afternoon spent indoors. And for a little summer flavor to warm your bones in the sub-freezing temperatures of Philly - listening to anything Mac DeMarco makes the icy winds feel a little more like Southern California breezes.

    1. AH thanks! I've been fantasizing a move to Southern California for quite some time now. I think it's time to just make it happen because my bones/skin/mind do NOT like these "polar vortexes." I'd like to go outside without the risk of dying from exposure.