Sunset on the Ben Franklin Bridge

model, Philadelphia, bridge, sunset, portraitI live so close to the pedestrian entrance onto the Ben Franklin Bridge. I used to go by it every day on the way home from work and think "I'm gonna do that walk someday." I did it when I was a kid and it was fantastic. It's neither difficult nor inconvenient, I guess just like anything else that's not overtly "productive," it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. At the last minute, Danielle and I decided to shoot these photos up on the bridge. We ended up accidentally watching the sunset over the Philly skyline. It was just what the doctor ordered.

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I've you've interacted with me in real life lately, you may have noticed a certain kind of distance in my gaze. Not forlorn, not one of longing; I've just had a lot on my mind. I appreciate moments like these because they put everything in a much-needed perspective. I'm looking at an entire city. So many windows. So many lights. I'm looking at so many people right now. So many stories. Some are heartbreaking. Actually, most are. I instantly feel two centimeters tall and that makes me feel better. I'm just a very small person in a sea of tiny people and nobody really knows what they're doing.

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I didn't come here to make you think about any of life's big questions though, I came here to talk about something a little simpler: my outfit, and it's pretty basic. Black denim, black denim boots, black denim jacket... and a flannel. Lately I've also fallen onto the "pins on everything" bandwagon. The Larry David pin gets the most compliments by far. It's about as close as I'll come to endorsing any presidential candidates. I mean, who wouldn't love L.D. as commander-in-chief? 

black denim jacket, converge, patch, all we love we leave behindMoral of the story? Wear some pins. Walk across the nearest large bridge at sunset. Think about your life but don't take it too seriously. (And for those interested, here's a better photo of those pins.)


Jacket/ Levi's, Flannel/ c/o Primark, Jeans/ Urban Outfitters, Boots/ vintage (similar), Bag/ YSL, Nikola Tesla Pin/ Kate Gabrielle, Snacks Pin/ Yardsale Press, Frida Pin/ The Found,  Larry David Pin/ Movement Buttons

*Photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram!