ICELAND - Skógafoss

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So sad! I'm sharing photos from the last day of our trip today. To make the trip back to the airport a little less somber (before we all went our separate ways to different homes, countries, and time zones) we stopped at Skógafoss. Of course my wedding dress came along as well.

Photos by Violet Short.

I'd never seen so many rainbows in my life! This day also happened to be the clearest and least rainy of all our days there. It still rained and there were still clouds but the fog had evaporated and we could kinda see the sky. The light really brought the golden ground to life. "Dead grass" has never looked so beautiful. One thing I WON'T miss about this Iceland trip? Cramming 5 adults plus all of our luggage into a tiny little hatchback. I don't know how we did it? Pretty impressive though: 11 Americans, at least 6 large pieces of luggage, carryons, backpacks, camera equipment, and snacks all in two little Icelandic vehicles.

I love how natural these photos are. This was the third time I'd put on my wedding down for a frolic in the Icelandic wilderness so I was pretty comfortable in it. B and I had also worked through all the awkwardness that comes along with both trying to look good at the same time. Not to say we perfected the art of posing as a couple but we were well on our way.

Of course we had to get a picture of the Ricchini kiddos with my dad in his "#1 Dad" shirt. If you get the reference, we just became best friends. 

Looking back, though I was kinda stressy (for no reason?) for a large portion of the trip, it was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I kinda wanna do it again. Guys, what do you say? 


For more pictures of the trip, check out these links:

Our Wedding Video
Our First Look
MORE Photos of Reykjavik (I took theses ones)
Exploring South Iceland (I took these as well!)

And if those aren't enough... we had a wedding hashtag on Instagram.


  1. This is INSANE, so so beautiful. Love the place and the pictures ♥

  2. These photos are amazing. So glad to have found them. I hope you don't mind that I this post from my Facebook page! They're too beautiful not to share. :)

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