CFW15: Marisol Henriquez

Fashion shows are full of fascinating spectacles. The somewhat-pompous attitude of most in attendance proves extremely conducive to some prime people-watching. Additionally, it's fun to make sassy remarks á la Michael Kors in Project Runway. (Click on that link. You will not be disappointed.) While it's fun to scoff and sneer, sometimes a piece truly wins your heart and you have no more unkind words. Danielle and I both felt that was as soon as Marisol Henriquez's collection took to the runway at Couture Fashion Week. I was taken by the timeless silhouettes, the sultry earth-tones, and the daring use of fringe. We watched, wide-eyed and mystified.

I can't get enough of those bold black-and-whites! It's difficult to see in the photos but those intricately woven patterns moved in the most beautiful way. My personal favorites were that floor-length black and white skirt and that sparkly ivory gown with the high neckline. I also really enjoyed the juxtaposition between the recurring accordion pleats and the long fringe. I love when a  designer can successfully mix demure with playful. I'm glad that Ms. Henriquez is now on my radar, I'll be following her lovely designs from now on. 


p.s. I learned an important lesson this day: fixed lenses are NOT for fashion shows. Let this be a cautionary tale for all you photogs out there. (I know, it's kind of common sense but I worked an overnight shift before heading to New York, can I live?) 


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