Lady Date in Times Square

Yesterday, Danielle and I went up to New York to catch a fashion show and to treat ourselves to a little post-Galentine's dinner. It was a day full of wonderfully womanly adventures. We made it through skewed train schedules, a sub-zero windchill, and the looming threat of becoming irreparably "hangry." Isn't that the best thing about girlfriends though? If you've got a good one, you'll still have fun despite all that. Oh, and Rosé helps too.

I usually avoid Times Square and its craziness but it was actually pretty calm last night. Some parts of it were so empty that they had a very eerie, post-apocalyptic feel. I was half expecting Jake Gyllenhaal to make an appearance. (Day After Tomorrow, anyone?) 

Stay tuned because there are obviously more photos on the way!


**check out Danielle's work and her Instagram


  1. Those lights! I love that you caught a fashion show. I was just talking with my best friend about how fun it would be to go.

    1. It's super fun and I would definitely recommend it!

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