Bulletproof Coffee

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I've been trying to get into certain routines and out of others lately. For example, into books and out of Netflix binges. Into working out and out of wasting time on the internet. Part of my new daily routine involves my morning cup of Bulletproof Coffee. It's a delicious way to boost your metabolism and give you hours or energy. It's gotten a pretty bad reputation around these parts because we're living in a world where "saturated fat" is considered a bad word. Guess what? It shouldn't be. Doesn't that make you feel great? I mean, who doesn't like butter?

Bulletproof coffee was created by a man named Dave Asprey. He took a trip to Tibet and was inspired by the Yak Butter and Barley tea that the monks would drink. Fat is brain food so this concoction is the ideal breakfast replacement. It can aid weight loss via ketosis and it will satisfy that sweet-and-savory craving that we all wake up with. There are a lot of recipes floating around but all you need is coffee and any combination of heavy cream, unsalted butter, MCT oil, or coconut oil. I've tried it a couple different ways and settled on a recipe that works for me:

  - 1tbsp unsalted butter*
  - 1tbsp heavy cream*
  - 1 1/2 cups of coffee
  - a dash of Ceylon Cinnamon

My favorite method of coffee-brewing is my trusty French Press but you can make the coffee however you want. Once it's to your liking, blend it together with the cinnamon, butter and heavy cream. The top will get frothy, kinda like a latte! Pour into a mug and enjoy. It takes only a few minutes and you won't hit that three o'clock need-a-caffeine-refresh like you would with regular breakfast and coffee.

*organic, grass-fed is preferred but after tons of research, I've determined that regular heavy cream and butter will work just as well. (Which is great because my current news-freelancer setup is in the famine stage of "feast or famine.")

Have you ever tried Bulltproof Coffee? What's your favorite combination? I can't wait to experiment some more. 



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