Today Was a Good Day

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Every day has been a good day lately. When inconsistent schedules and frequently shifting moods are the norm, it's nice to have a reason to be happy. I've been finding myself lately in a big way. I've discovered just how important it is to take care of myself. I've been eating healthy and going to the gym (almost...) every day. I take the time to journal and before I'm about to delve into another Netflix binge, I've been picking up a book instead.
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Yes indeed, something about having somebody else to care about puts a lot into perspective. If you're with the right person, your self-worth will skyrocket. You'll be seeing in shades of color you've never seen in before and you'll find beauty and inspiration everywhere. Basically, you start living in such a way that would make Ice Cube himself jealous. 


p.s. don't you like our coordinating footwear? Totally unplanned. Totally not dorky at all.

top/ American Apparel, jeans/ American Eagle, jacket/ Olive + Oak (old, similar), shoes/ TOMS, sunglasses/ Ray-Ban, necklace/ no idea, I stole it from my sister, tote/ Passive Juice Motel (I'm obsessed with their little shop-- It's where I also got my Royal Tenenbaum pillows that you guys loved so much.)


  1. Love this outfit. Every single piece... also your words. Absolutely divine.


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