Rumblings of Fall

My window is open, I wore black tights to work, all is well with the world. Summer makes me kind of depressed. There's something about being sweaty and smelly all the time that's just very off-putting. I love random beach days and the sun is nice but when the breeze picks up and the leaves start changing, all of the outside world becomes my sanctuary. The week before my birthday has historically been a high point for me. Fall starts rolling in, Starbucks starts carrying the Salted Carmel Mocha again, and my birthday present to myself somehow shows up on my doorstep a couple days early. (Every year!) I had a half day today so I loafed around the house, browsed through a few fall clothing catalogs, and made some quinoa-black bean concoction. Candles were lit, Bon Iver was listened to, and a little boozy something-or-other may have been sipped. The Eagles are playing tonight... man, it's a good day. I'm starting to feel those creative juices flowing again and I couldn't be happier. As my man Ice Cube would say, "today was a good day."



  1. LOVE the pictures so much. Welcome, fall!