Maddy Dove - Cute and Casual

I have the greatest friends. Seriously. They're all so ambitious and beautiful. One of my favorite things about my group of friends is that we're so different from one another but get along so well. We have our own tastes in food, guys, books, movies, I could go on and on. One of my favorite things is how differently we all dress. We all have our own unique styles and put outfits together in completely different ways. It's how I get a lot of my inspiration actually.

I asked Maddy to put together a casual little outfit. It's basic enough to wear grocery shopping but also has just the right amount of sparkle for going out and getting drinks with the girls.

You've seen Maddy a few times on here I'm sure, don't you just love her? She has a blog of her own which you should check out. She's my go-to girl when it comes to every makeup question that I ever have and she's imparting that wisdom to a larger audience now through her blog Maddy Dove


jeans & boots/ F21, shirt, scarf & watch/ CottonOn 


  1. Your boots are fabulous! x Aren't you freeeezing?