Blood Orange Cocktail

It's Blood Orange season, whoop whoop! Although a bit macabre, the name is fitting and even if you're turned off at the prospect of gore, a tiny sampling and you'll see that Blood is one of the tastiest varieties of orange around. This cocktail is a mix of some of my favorite flavors: the sweet citrus of the Blood Orange, the freshness of the basil and the warm aromas and flavors of the honey all blend together harmoniously to create this delectable treat.

What you'll need: 
 - 1 Blood Orange
 - 2 Basil Leaves
 - Sparking Water
 - Cointreau
 - Honey Whiskey*

*if you're a real vegan (sorry, I'm just a fakey fake, can't seem to give it up!) and don't do honey, regular whiskey and a little bit of agave syrup will do just fine. 

You'll also need a shaker/strainer, ice, straw, and muddler. (A wooden spoon works if you don't have a muddler.)

Begin by muddling half of the blood orange and one basil leaf in the bottom of the shaker. Add ice followed by two parts Cointreau to one part Honey Whiskey. (If you think that two 1.5oz shots of Cointreau and one 1.5oz shot of whiskey is too strong, feel free to only add only half of the Cointreau.) Shake and strain into a glass with ice and more orange slices. Pour some sparkling water over it, add a straw and mix. Top it off with a basil leaf and enjoy! 

Sip responsibly, and remember: Blood Oranges are only in season from December to March so try this one out while you still can!



  1. I've never even tried blood oranges on their own before.
    I'll have to try them as a snack too :)

  2. Looks yummy! J la-La-loves anything (& everything) blood orange-- I'll have to surprise him with your little concoction this weekend. Thanks for sharing!