snapshots from lately

It took me three months but I'm finally getting used to my new crazy life. Things are finally falling into place and it's wonderful. I'm back to doing the things I love: cooking, decorating, laying around on the sofa and watching Netflix while working on photos... living the life basically. No kidding though-- I've "watched" Hot Rod about 7 times in the past month. And by "watched," I mean it was my background noise while I worked on a wedding. Yes indeed, definitely getting back to the way things used to be. Well, as possible as doing that is. I'm not complaining though. I know for sure that I'm going to look back on these days and revere them as some of the best times of my life, or rather, some of the most difficult times of my life but I would have never "found myself" without them. Either way, here's to settling in!



  1. beautiful snapshots!! I adore that yellow frame (I have the same one and it is just about the prettiest frame in the house!) :)

  2. Love your food photos! I still have yet to find my routine. I want to do more of cooking, reading etc.