jumping in puddles

My "thing" lately has been to try my hardest to find joy within tough circumstances instead of focusing on getting out of said circumstances. Some times are easier than others. Today, in the pouring rain, I realized that there is no better metaphor for that than to jump in puddles so... that's just what I did. Jumped in puddles and then got into my car to drive to work and listened to a song by Sigur Ros that translates as "jumping in puddles." It's a very freeing experience, you should definitely try it sometime. 



  1. amen to that, have you read 100 gifts by Anne Voskamp, it talks about a similar thing, ive nearly finished it and have loved it! here's a link, lovely to find you in blogworld xxxxhttp://www.amazon.com/One-Thousand-Gifts-Fully-Right/dp/0310321913

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