Raspberry vodka lemonade.... where to begin. I'm not a huge fan of lemonade. Something about the gross feeling that it leaves on the teeth makes it unappealing and not worth it to me. I do love raspberries and vodka though, and two things that I like very much have the power to turn something I don't like too much into something that I can enjoy quite a bit. (Follow that? Don't blame you if you didn't.) To put it simply, I love me some raspberry vodka lemonade. This one is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for summer shindigs. It's pretty, tasty, and, (besides me) who doesn't love an ice cold lemonade on a hot day?

What you'll need: Lemonade, (you can make it yourself or be lazy and just buy it like I did here) raspberry vodka, (you all know that I'm a Stoli girl myself but any brand will do) and raspberries.

Begin by muddling the raspberries. Muddling is just a fancy word for "crushing gently with a blunt object." If you don't have a muddler, no need to fret! A small wooden spoon will do just fine. When I make this drink, I'm generous with my raspberry distribution but you can use as many/few as you'd like. Just make sure that you smoosh (muddle) them into small enough pieces that they won't get stuck in the straw. When your berries are properly muddled (try reading that without laughing) fill the glass 3/4 of the way with ice. For me, and in a glass like this, a 1/2 vodka, 1/2 lemonade mixture works. If that seems a little adventurous for you, pour in one part vodka and two parts lemonade.

My favorite part about this drink is that it looks and tastes like a million times more effort went into it than actually did. За здоровье!



  1. yum! this looks so fun!! and what a pretty & refreshing summer drink!

  2. These looks so delicious. Wowzers.