how to make glitter text:

glitter, text, photoshop, how to, make, Ever since I came out with the current design for my photography website, I've been being asked nonstop how I created the glitter text. It's actually quite simple! Here are the few simple steps. I love the extra bit of texture that it adds and I can't wait to go crazy with this method for my Christmas cards!

To begin, you're going to need some glitter. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to do this! Once you have your glitter in the color that you want, open a new project in the desired dimensions. Switch from the new, blank project to your glitter and choose the Horizontal Type Mask Tool.

Once you create your text box, the glitter will turn red. Type in the word that you want and adjust the font and size to your liking.

Once you click out, there will be a marquee outlining your text. Copy that! (I like to use the good 'ole command + c but you can go up to the edit menu also.)

Paste your test into the new document. Resize, rotate, go crazy with it.

Use Curves to adjust your glitter to exactly how you would like it to look. As you can tell, I lightened mine up a bit. Play around and see what you like best!

Here it is in action! Have fun playing around and creating glittery works of art!