my first fabric design:

You might know if you follow me on Instagram that I got something very special in the mail this weekend: the sample for my first fabric design! This one means a lot to me because I designed it to raise funds for my upcoming trip to China. It mixes the colors and styles found in Chinese art but with a childlike and whimsical twist inspired by the children at Shepherd's Field. I wanted to create something unique that you guys would enjoy, and since you're all super creative, I knew this would be a good fit! 

You can purchase the fabric here, all proceeds will go towards my upcoming trip as well as into a fund for surgeries and supplies for the children and the orphanage itself. Anybody who purchases the fabric, please send me a picture with what you decide to do with it! Whether you're making a skirt, a pillow, wearing it as a scarf, or a myriad of other things, I want to see what you make with it and I want to share it on here as well! So either Tweet/Instagram it to @owlrika or email it to erika @ larkandlace . com. 

xo, e.m.


  1. It's beautiful, well done. x x

  2. This is so beautiful! You're extremely talented!