planning, planning, planning

This is the second time that I am sharing this video on here but it's not without purpose! These next few weeks will be a whirlwind of planning for my upcoming trip to China to hang out with these awesome kiddos again. I miss them SO much and I can't believe that I'm being blessed with the opportunity to see them again! They really changed my life. I made the decision that although it might be a little hard for me to keep up with the blog during my three week stay, (or more, we'll see how it goes...) I really want to make you guys a part of my journey. I want to include y'all, and maybe entice a few of you to come with me next time! I love talking about China, I love answering all sorts of questions and I want to be completely open about the trip. I'll be coming out with a few fundraising ideas (fun ones!) so stay tuned for that. I already feel like the blogging community has surrounded me and I already have so much support from you guys, I'm excited to take you along for the journey!

 xo, e.m.

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