september round-up

I am not going to lie to you good people. This month, it has been incredibly difficult to keep up with the blog because of all of the craziness and I have to apologize! I was going through all of September's posts and thinking "wow, lame!" so thanks for sticking with me this past month! October will be another crazy month but I'm finding a way to balance it all and I'll have some pretty exciting news and that's always good!
 This month I shared some more photography wisdom, two of my favorites were post processing and adding haze to photographs.

I made it a goal this month to dress more creatively, especially since Fall is perfect for layering! Here are two of my favorites. (1, 2.)

This month was a big one for photography. (Wedding season, man!) I loved my fashion shoot with Nicole, (previews) Mike and Brittany's wedding (previews, pt. 1) and engagement session.

I spent my few days off this month exploring PA with my family. Check out Peddler's Village and Hawk Mountain.

I did indulge into autumn a bit this month, and its only the beginning. Here are some of my favorite colors for fall, my favorite songs, and a recipe for my favorite salad dressing

Perhaps my favorite post from the month and possibly my favorite post yet was my birthday letter to sixteen-year-old me.

xo, e.m.


  1. i loved it all! and, as always, especially your photographs. : ) and even though you say you haven't posted much, oh man are you making me feel guilty -- i haven't posted ANY of my professional photos from all summer. so. i've got a lotta catching up to do myself. : )

    1. Aw thanks girl! It seriously is really hard to keep up!