Sammy's First Birthday Portraits

CJ's little cousin Sammy is celebrating his first birthday this weekend and I got to take some portraits of him. Isn't he the most adorable thing? Seriously so precious. He kind of looks like a little man, doesn't he? As you can tell from these photos, he's a little man with a lot of personality. He was so much fun to photograph. So fun, in fact, that my heart is beginning to soften to the idea of photographing children. It used to stress me out because, ya know, kids are unpredictable. Maybe even a little more stressful than weddings, possibly? But it's beginning to be more fun than stress, and I'm starting to enjoy it!

Anway, I hope you're all having an okay Monday! It was super cold, overcast, and rainy today and certainly that didn't help the fact that my body is still recovering from this weekend. The gloom added to my insane tired'ness. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little sunnier? Let's go with that!

xo, e.m.


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