What Else? All Black.

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If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that 2017 was the year I discovered and came to love statement denim. This skirt is certainly no exception. Something a little unexpected for me, no? As you can tell, I'm ending this year on a high note. (And by "high note," I mean that I'm finally embracing my extra.)

Pink Faux Fur

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I'm not one to shy away from statement pieces but even for me, this coat is a little daring. (In the best way possible.) I mean, for someone who's been sticking to neutrals and classic silhouettes, does it get any more unexpected than pink faux fur? I think not. 

Herringbone & Faux Fur

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Easiest way to look chic and polished for a lowkey event such as a weekend brunch or casual dinner and a movie? A long coat will get the job done. (Bonus points if it's herringbone-- extra classy.)

Baby Blue & Mom Jeans

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I didn't choose the mom life, the mom life chose me. (Dog mom, that is.) Mom jeans have kinda been my thing lately. So they may not be the most "traditionally flattering" but who's going to complain about all of that pocket space? Certainly not I.

Doom & Gloom

Doom, Gloom, Sweatshirt,

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Who doesn't love a good designer collaboration? River Island x Ashish is all anyone could ever want in a collab: athleisure-- but with sequins, East meets West vibes, and glamourous in the most accessible way. I love a cheeky graphic tee so a big ole cozy sweatshirt with a bold statement is an obvious sartorial win for me. 

Blue Denim & Black Details

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Sometimes, basics are the best. When in doubt, put on a simple black top and blue jeans. Bonus points if the jeans have a surprising little detail like the frayed hem and color blocking detail on these bad boys.

Velvet & Floral

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Floral is a favorite of mine but I don't have to tell you that, do I? I let the outfits speak for themselves. What's better than a little floral dress? A little floral dress made of velvet. Bonus points if, by some sort of witchcraft, it's also sheer in some places like this one from River Island. Dresses and tights for autumn: more a more iconic duo. I'll wait. 

Denim On Denim

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If you've been around here before, you know I'm a huge fan of denim on denim. Same shade, different shade, blue jeans with a black jean jacket, black jeans with a blue jean jacket-- it's all good here. While I was shopping around River Island's website to pick out some looks, I had to control myself from getting all denim. (They just have so many great options!) What do you do when you have a lot of denim? You wear it all together, of course. 

Mornings In Bristol

Black shirt, black skirt, black bag, black boots, black iced coffee. Rolling out of bed and walking to the cafe down the street doesn't have to look bad, right?

Black & Baby Blue

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What can I say? Autumn is my season. I love boots and long sleeves and being able to drink hot coffee outside without nearly melting to death. Nothing compares to the sound of freshly-fallen leaves crunching underfoot or the rush from taking a deep breath of crisp morning air. This look is the sartorial equivalent of everything I love about October. 

Velvet & Floral

I'd like to think that although it is October, these peep-toe platforms are perfectly acceptable because they're velvet. (That's how it works, right?) 

This month, I'm going to be styling some great pieces from Fason De Viv. How fabulous is this vintage jumpsuit?

Fall Florals

Florals for fall: love 'em? Hate 'em? They've been a constant in my life. I'd like to think about this look as a grown up version of this floral robe outfit from 2013. (Warning: images are a bit cringeworthy.) 

A Vintage Dress

When I first started this blog, I wore some kind of vintage dress almost every day. It's been a while (five and a half years!) and a lot has changed since then. I don't wear dresses too often anymore but these retro beauties will always have a special place in my heart. My wardrobe has completely transformed but this little number has stayed with me. The drop waist is so very French-- effortlessly chic. 

Herringbone & Black

This look puts together some of my favorite pieces for fall: a simple mini skirt, booties, a classic black bag, and a fun hat. It's sort of a "best of" from the French muses of the 70's. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with black on black on black on herringbone. (Keep that in mind if you need to put together an effortless but polished look any time soon.)

Pink & Orange

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately-- been going through some pretty big life changes. New hair, new place to live, new just about everything. Bear with me because this transition may be a little, dare I say, rough? At least I'll look good going through it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Red Wrap Dress

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For my third late-summer look from Primark, I decided to dress up a little. This wrap dress sashayed its way into my heart (and subsequently my wardrobe) so of course I had to pair it with my favorite early-autumn peep toe platforms and my go-to summer bag.

Casual Sunday

Sundays are for waking up late, (like 7:30 or 8AM) spending a few hours in a coffee shop for no particular reason, and planning a big, elaborate dinner but getting Chinese takeout instead. Basically, I love Sundays. Getting stuff done is an added bonus but not entirely necessary for a good Sunday. The brisk chill has been bringing out all sorts of excitement in me. I'm not sure if "white girl wasted" is still a part of my generation's rapidly-evolving common lexicon but I'm ready to get white girl wasted on Autumn. 

Cognac & Denim

Shoutout to August 2017 for winning "weirdest month of my life" by a pretty significant margin. Instead of talking about that, let's talk about these Zara shoes, which I genuinely never want to leave my feet.

Faded Black & Baby Pink

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Black denim, baby pink tee-- what more could you need? A lot like my first late-summer outfit for Primark, this second one is simple and timeless. A jean skirt, a basic top, a statement bag, and some very white (almost too white) sneakers. 

Wrap Dress & 11 Questions

So you guys know me pretty well, right? You know I love to wear black but have recently been trying to work more colors (mostly yellow) into my wardrobe. You know I have a love/hate relationship with fringe. You more than likely know I have a weird taste in music, love cuddling with my rescue pup, and am on medication to treat my mental illness. However, I haven't been very open lately because I don't know where to begin. (Shrug emoji.) Sometimes life gets to be a little too much, you know? When Hal tagged me to answer 11 questions about myself, I kinda shrugged it off because I feel like I talk about myself enough already. However, once I read through the questions, I thought that answering them could be a fun challenge! So here's my outfit, ft. 11 interesting questions, answered. 

Late Summer Yellow

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I've slowly been becoming more and more of a summer person but once that first cool evening hits and I dig into my box of sweaters, I'm all autumn. It's sort of a shame because the last days of summer tend to be the best. They're not as hot and humid, there's this tiny bit of happy nostalgia for the early days of summer inspired by the impending dark days, and fewer people are likely to flock to the beach, making it a much more enjoyable place to be. Sometimes, dressing for this transition isn't always the easiest. Thankfully, Primark made it a lot easier this year. 

Ruffled & Striped

In the event of a rooftop pool party, you have to go all out, right? When I got invited to one such soirée with The Sonesta and Visit Philly, I knew I had to be the most extra. I love a good high-waisted bikini so I set out to find one and I got oh so much more than I ever could have imagined: this bold piece, from Amazon, for only SIXTEEN DOLLARS. (I KNOW, RIGHT?) What's not made better by some gigantic ruffles?

Beach Stripes and a Bow

Blue and white stripes forever.

Double Slit Palazzo Pants

What's better than one sexy slit? Two, of course.

Check, Check

My perfect Sunday involves breezy pants and long strolls on the boardwalk. Cold brew and tacos are also welcome in this scenario. Luckily, I don't live too far from the beach and my wardrobe is about 80% comfy pants at this point. What's more shore-perfect than some culottes and a crop top? I don't know about you but I think this combination should definitely be considered the official uniform of summer for now and always. (Find a more iconic duo.)

Double Knot

I feel like my style can often be summed up in a few words. Today's look is certainly no exception. What do I call this one, you may ask? I'm not sure about what the name should be but it is the sum of this equation: 1/2 Boy Scout + 1/2 Britney in Hit Me Baby One More Time. How could you possibly hate that?

Summerfest: A Collaboration with PHL Fashion Bloggers

Don't we all fantasize about packing up and moving to a new city where nobody knows your name? I certainly do, but there are just a few things that tug at my heartstrings enough to keep me in (and/or around) Philly. One of those things is the kind, supportive, and crazy talented group of bloggers here. It's easy to feel alienated when you're in the throes of the elusive "hustle" in your mid-20's so any excuse to get together with like-minded folks is a good one. Anyone who can help you forget about life's troubles for a couple of hours is worth holding on to, which is why these ladies are so special. 

Our theme for this month was simple: summer fun. We all found that sweet spot between comfortably casual and effortlessly chic. It would appear that a lot of 70's trends are alive and well in these photos, which I am very into. 

Body-Posi With MANDALYNN Swim

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Since the beginning of my blog back in 2012, I've been toying with the idea of styling a swimsuit. Growing up in South Jersey means I've spent a large portion of my life down the shore. I spent countless summers swimming with my cousins in my GG and Poppy's pool, the lake by my Mom Mom and Pop Pop's, and basically any other body of water I could find. As I've gotten older and more self-conscious though, I think I can count on at least my fingers (and maybe some toes) the amount of times I've worn a swimsuit without shorts or a tee in recent years. It's a shame, right? I always say, "I'm going to be fearless and just do it!" but these warm months get busy and I lose my chance. Earlier this summer when MANDALYNN asked me to blog one of their suits, I figured it was kismet. You know-- a sign from above or something. While I was a bit timid when I tried it on, I've come to love this suit. 

Beach Hair & Cut-Offs

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with beach hair. Yes, it can be majorly sexy in a perfectly-tussled sort of way. It can also be messy in a not-so-perfectly-tussled sort of way. Today, it was a bit of both. Beach hair goes perfectly with a pair of cut-offs and breezy button-up, which is how I styled it here. What would some nice messy shore tresses be without a woven bag and some sandals? Can't just have messy hair for the sake of messy hair, after all. (Actually, yes. You can. And I do it quite often.)

The Dress That Wasn't

Don't let my near-perfectly-matching skirt and top confuse you. That's right-- this is no gingham dress. There are separates I had bought from two different stores at two different times with no intention of wearing together until they had been tossed into the "passably clean" pile on the floor and ended up next to each other. A match made in slob heaven. 

Windowpane Check & Blue Denim

Some of my favorite looks are not ones that are tediously planned or impeccably styled. They're often tossed together in a moment of desperation in those times when jeans and a tee just won't cut it yet the occasion doesn't call for anything too special. These are the times I rely on basics to be a strong foundation and stand-out accessories to pull it together. Neutrals and denim kept me looking fresh (and my messy hair seemingly justified) for a Bristol First Friday. 

Corset Jeans

My love for high-waisted denim has reached new heights with these corset jeans. (HA, get it?)

It's A Uniform Of Sorts

Things I've never thought to wear until 2017: wide-leg denim, backless shoes, and brown accessories. Things I've been wearing nonstop this summer: wide-leg denim, backless shoes, and brown accessories. While I've been inwardly focused on growing, I've been doing some changing outwardly as well. browsing through this last year's worth of blogs has been kind of neat: seeing my style evolve as I continue to grow into myself and feel more confident is kind of wonderful. 

Party in the Back

Simple outfit with a few little surprises. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Wildflowers & Chambray

Beachy stripes are all the rage right now, even for a night out in the city. To make this trend a little more "me," I paired these chambray trousers with a sleek black crop top, these fabulous Rachel Comey clogs, and my favorite statement bag. I think it's the perfect mix of playful and timelessly chic. 

Pink Denim Jacket

You know how I've been trying to expand my wardrobe beyond black denim and neutrals? I'm sure glad I did, because I found a new love: pink. denim. jackets. I was looking for the perfect piece that would not only make a statement but could also be a staple in my summer wardrobe. (Easier said than done, no?) My friends at G-Star sent me this pink denim jacket and all I could say was "oh hell yeah." I'm going to go ahead and officially declare pink a "neutral."

Chopped & Frayed

It's been a while since I've donned an all-black ensemble. This was, of course, on purpose. At the beginning of the year, I decided to challenge myself to wear more color. I noticed that I was "hiding" behind all black looks because I was SO insecure about my body. Lately, though my body is not at "its best," I've been feeling great about it and decided I could celebrate by returning to my roots and wearing head to (almost) toe black. I love the simplicity of this outfit. The silhouette is the star of the show while the accessories add a fun 70's element. 

Pink & Black

Sometimes you put on an outfit that just feels right. I'd say I feel comfortable in my skin about 50% of the time. It's only natural, no? While 50% may not seem like a lot, it's an improvement. Despite blogging and having my photo taken on an almost daily basis, 50% is something that took a long time to attain. I can remember when it was more like 25%... or even 5%. Obviously half and half isn't ideal but for now, I'll take it.

Gingham & Bamboo

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits I've been able to conjure up recently. It's made up of some of my favorite elements: gingham, ruffles, oversized denim, a graphic tee, a felt hat, and a statement bag. It's perfect for a day around town, which, for us, involved a stroll down Main Street and some Boing! Mango from our local burrito joint. Life's been a bit weird lately. I need a lot of juice and more good outfits like this to keep me sane.

Some Serious 90's Vibes

Go ahead: try and think of something more 90's than a sunflower print mini dress, an oversized denim jacket, a velvet choker, a bucket bag, and a block heel. Let me tell you, aside from gratuitous amounts of Drew Barrymore and a half-decent American economy, there's not much. I owe this look partially to the fact that I've been watching a lot of Friends and who hasn't been at least subliminally influenced by any sartorial combination of Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe? Not sure if any of the Friends would wear this look but I can guarantee I could make it as an extra in the background of a Central Perk scene if I wanted to.

Elephant Print Jumpsuit

It took me a while to get over my fear of jumpsuits. I have short legs, a long torso, a big butt, and wide hips. Finding one that fits me without major... um... you know in the crotch region is difficult enough. Finding one that makes me look good and feel comfortable is basically impossible. Alas, I'm not one to give up. I fell in love with this one online and took a huge risk by ordering it without even looking at the sizing. It just happened to work out perfectly and though I only received it a week and a half ago, I've worn it twice already. Huzzah! 

Perfect Denim Jumper

If you read here often, you know this past year has been a bit of a struggle. I've gotten pretty good at coping and have made a bit of a "safe haven" in this "survival mode" way of doing life. While I will continue to work towards a better and more stable existence, I'm learning that true happiness is finding contentment in adversity. I've been working hard to appreciate the little things in life. Workaholics on Hulu, Ben & Jerry's Vegan Cherry Garcia, bike rides with Brenden, puppy cuddles with Charlie, driving with the windows down, and my coffee shop playlists are a few such things that are keeping me going. Not to get too corny or sentimental, but this blog is another one of those things. It challenges me and helps me grow as a sartorial enthusiast but also just as a person. I love experimenting with looks but also returning to some tried and true: floral, denim, and a hat. This is a classic "E.M." look-- An homage to a younger me and an inspiration to an older me.

Lace & Knit

An unexpected pairing of two of my favorite things: lace and cozy knits.

Those Parisian Vibes

White blouse. Black trousers. Brown boots. This is my attempt at being effortlessly chic as a only a Parisienne can naturally do. I had to try pretty hard but this sort of timelessness and classy minimalism will eventually become instinctual, right?

All About Swimsuits

Stella McCartney, Bathing Suit, Swimsuit, Bikini, high waisted, vintage, Hollister, RVCA, Mara Hoffman, Marysia, Matteau
If only for the briefest of moments, let's pretend that swimsuit shopping isn't an activity created by satan himself. (Because, let's be honest, it kind of is.) I don't think I've ever walked into a store to try on a swimsuit and left without crying at least once. That's why I just buy my swimsuits online now. Don't like it? OH WELL, I gotta either deal with it (because I inevitably end up liking it later anyway) or brave the post office (of which I am terrified for absolutely no reason at all.) Having said that, here are a few of my favorites. 

Tenue Décontractée

One of the reasons I love fashion is because it's constantly evolving-- including my own personal style. Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to make my casual wear a little more interesting. For an outfit like this, I'd typically wear some flats or maybe even my Chucks. For that extra je ne sais quoi, I paired this simple denim skirt, tee, and sweater with my current favorite booties. Très chic, no?


One of the reasons I don't like summer is because I've always been incredibly self-conscious about my legs. Even in various stages of weight loss and gain, different levels of tan, and despite waxing and waning muscular tone, I've just never liked them. They're aways covered in cuts and bruises and they're kinda stumpy. I think it's okay to be a bit insecure but since this year is all about overcoming my self-esteem issues, I bought this skort and just let it happen. I probably won't be wearing it in the future but it was fun to be brave for a few hours. 

Daytime Glitter

Who doesn't love some glitter every now and then? While it can certainly be a bit easy to overdo, it's often my go-to for a night out. What about for daytime though? I gave it a try and I gotta say, I'm going to do afternoon glitter more often. 

Black Stripes & Denim

Sundays are my absolute favorite. We've definitely talked about this before but I feel the need to reiterate just how much I love the first (or last, depending on where you're from) day of the week. It's the one day I give myself to take it easy. I only make plans if I absolutely must. It almost always includes coffee, people watching, and window-shopping.

This particular Sunday was especially lovely. As we were wandering about town, we stumbled upon this little slice of nature. Alright, so it's barely "nature." It's just a small green space between a gigantic shopping center and a quaint-but-busy street. Nonetheless, it was perfect for prancing in an ankle-length denim skirt, which is just what I did. (Watch out Fräulein Maria, there's a new carefree bitch in town.)

Untitled Spring Outfit

It's a Friday so I'll keep this one short: my favorite days are the ones warm enough that flowers are on display on the sidewalk but a light jacket is also necessary. Truly the best of both worlds. This was one of those days.