Double Slit Palazzo Pants

What's better than one sexy slit? Two, of course.

Check, Check

My perfect Sunday involves breezy pants and long strolls on the boardwalk. Cold brew and tacos are also welcome in this scenario. Luckily, I don't live too far from the beach and my wardrobe is about 80% comfy pants at this point. What's more shore-perfect than some culottes and a crop top? I don't know about you but I think this combination should definitely be considered the official uniform of summer for now and always. (Find a more iconic duo.)

Double Knot

I feel like my style can often be summed up in a few words. Today's look is certainly no exception. What do I call this one, you may ask? I'm not sure about what the name should be but it is the sum of this equation: 1/2 Boy Scout + 1/2 Britney in Hit Me Baby One More Time. How could you possibly hate that?

Summerfest: A Collaboration with PHL Fashion Bloggers

Don't we all fantasize about packing up and moving to a new city where nobody knows your name? I certainly do, but there are just a few things that tug at my heartstrings enough to keep me in (and/or around) Philly. One of those things is the kind, supportive, and crazy talented group of bloggers here. It's easy to feel alienated when you're in the throes of the elusive "hustle" in your mid-20's so any excuse to get together with like-minded folks is a good one. Anyone who can help you forget about life's troubles for a couple of hours is worth holding on to, which is why these ladies are so special. 

Our theme for this month was simple: summer fun. We all found that sweet spot between comfortably casual and effortlessly chic. It would appear that a lot of 70's trends are alive and well in these photos, which I am very into. 

Body-Posi With MANDALYNN Swim

Thanks MANDALYNN Swim for sponsoring this post!

Since the beginning of my blog back in 2012, I've been toying with the idea of styling a swimsuit. Growing up in South Jersey means I've spent a large portion of my life down the shore. I spent countless summers swimming with my cousins in my GG and Poppy's pool, the lake by my Mom Mom and Pop Pop's, and basically any other body of water I could find. As I've gotten older and more self-conscious though, I think I can count on at least my fingers (and maybe some toes) the amount of times I've worn a swimsuit without shorts or a tee in recent years. It's a shame, right? I always say, "I'm going to be fearless and just do it!" but these warm months get busy and I lose my chance. Earlier this summer when MANDALYNN asked me to blog one of their suits, I figured it was kismet. You know-- a sign from above or something. While I was a bit timid when I tried it on, I've come to love this suit. 

Beach Hair & Cut-Offs

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with beach hair. Yes, it can be majorly sexy in a perfectly-tussled sort of way. It can also be messy in a not-so-perfectly-tussled sort of way. Today, it was a bit of both. Beach hair goes perfectly with a pair of cut-offs and breezy button-up, which is how I styled it here. What would some nice messy shore tresses be without a woven bag and some sandals? Can't just have messy hair for the sake of messy hair, after all. (Actually, yes. You can. And I do it quite often.)

The Dress That Wasn't

Don't let my near-perfectly-matching skirt and top confuse you. That's right-- this is no gingham dress. There are separates I had bought from two different stores at two different times with no intention of wearing together until they had been tossed into the "passably clean" pile on the floor and ended up next to each other. A match made in slob heaven. 

Windowpane Check & Blue Denim

Some of my favorite looks are not ones that are tediously planned or impeccably styled. They're often tossed together in a moment of desperation in those times when jeans and a tee just won't cut it yet the occasion doesn't call for anything too special. These are the times I rely on basics to be a strong foundation and stand-out accessories to pull it together. Neutrals and denim kept me looking fresh (and my messy hair seemingly justified) for a Bristol First Friday. 

Corset Jeans

My love for high-waisted denim has reached new heights with these corset jeans. (HA, get it?)

It's A Uniform Of Sorts

Things I've never thought to wear until 2017: wide-leg denim, backless shoes, and brown accessories. Things I've been wearing nonstop this summer: wide-leg denim, backless shoes, and brown accessories. While I've been inwardly focused on growing, I've been doing some changing outwardly as well. browsing through this last year's worth of blogs has been kind of neat: seeing my style evolve as I continue to grow into myself and feel more confident is kind of wonderful.