Velvet & Floral

Thanks River Island for sponsoring this post!

Floral is a favorite of mine but I don't have to tell you that, do I? I let the outfits speak for themselves. What's better than a little floral dress? A little floral dress made of velvet. Bonus points if, by some sort of witchcraft, it's also sheer in some places like this one from River Island. Dresses and tights for autumn: more a more iconic duo. I'll wait. 

Denim On Denim

Thanks River Island for sponsoring this post!

If you've been around here before, you know I'm a huge fan of denim on denim. Same shade, different shade, blue jeans with a black jean jacket, black jeans with a blue jean jacket-- it's all good here. While I was shopping around River Island's website to pick out some looks, I had to control myself from getting all denim. (They just have so many great options!) What do you do when you have a lot of denim? You wear it all together, of course. 

Mornings In Bristol

Black shirt, black skirt, black bag, black boots, black iced coffee. Rolling out of bed and walking to the cafe down the street doesn't have to look bad, right?

Black & Baby Blue

Thanks River Island for sponsoring this post!

What can I say? Autumn is my season. I love boots and long sleeves and being able to drink hot coffee outside without nearly melting to death. Nothing compares to the sound of freshly-fallen leaves crunching underfoot or the rush from taking a deep breath of crisp morning air. This look is the sartorial equivalent of everything I love about October. 

Velvet & Floral

I'd like to think that although it is October, these peep-toe platforms are perfectly acceptable because they're velvet. (That's how it works, right?) 

This month, I'm going to be styling some great pieces from Fason De Viv. How fabulous is this vintage jumpsuit?